This exhibition coincides with the 400th anniversary of the King James Version of the Bible.

To know more about The Bible, then, as a suitable starting point, you could have a look at . . .

Whatever you think about the Bible personally, it is a book that has truly changed the world.

That is why the 400th Anniversary Celebrations to mark the publication in 1611 of the King James Bible are so important.

You may think our modern world is founded on secular ideals , but arguably the translation of the Bible, not only influenced the English language and literature more than any other book, it was also the seedbed for Western Democracy, the driver for the abolition of the slave trade, the shaper of the British legal system and the framework for the Christian culture of both British and American Empires.

And… it is also a book which outsells, is read by more people and is being translated into more languages, than any other today.

So this is not just an historical text but a living voice that speaks into individual lives, minds and hearts. Christians believe that is the case because the voice we hear in the text of Scripture is that of God the Creator and Saviour. It is a book divinely and uniquely inspired.

You may or may not agree with that assumption. Whatever your view, I hope this superbly produced photographic collection of images, illustrating the message of the Bible, will inspire you to read it for yourself…

…and, just perhaps, it will stimulate you to find out more from a local Church like Highfields where week by week the message of the Bible is unpacked, its meaning explored and its truth applied.

Peter Baker

Senior Pastor

Highfields Church, Cardiff